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ELD Mandate Deadline December 18, 2017

New Patriot Fleet Solutions members receive a Free First Hour on Safety Consultation, Fleet Management Solutions that deliver– a $125 Value!

Save on fuel everywhere, increase revenue per mile

Patriot Fleet Solutions’ EFS Corporate Fleet Card Providing a complete Fleet Management Solution   that saves you an average of 15 cents/gal discount at every truck stop in the nation. No more plotting routes around a single fuel card supplier. Because this card is a Mastercard®, you can use it to purchase any service or product—for E&T, equipment, emergencies, whatever you need. You control when, where and how it’s used.

See what 15 cents/gal savings will do for your bottom line!

Calculate your fuel saving here

Plug in your numbers to see what you spend on fuel now
and what you could be saving.

Number of trucks
Miles per week/truck
Miles per gallon
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*The Patriot Fleet Solutions Fuel Savings Calculator provides estimated fuel prices and savings, and in no way binds Patriot Fleet Solutions to fuel prices or discounts. The calculator does not provide a final determination of the fuel prices you will pay or the discount you may receive, but is merely an estimation. Fuel prices continually change due to the market, suppliers, and truck stop determinations.

Buying power on fleet services, Patriot has what you need

No matter your size, we know how tough it is to save on the top expenses of running a fleet. Patriot Fleet Solutions hands you the competitive advantage of the largest fleets—substantial discounts and preferential service—to keep you rolling and controlling your costs.

There’s strength in numbers. As a PFS Member, you’re part of a buying club network that negotiates price reductions you could never get by going it alone. We’ve partnered with the biggest names in their respective industries—Truckers Edge (most loads at the best rates), TTN (roadside assistance with quick response time), Red Dog Logistics, (an ELD-mandated telematics solution), Comdata (Payroll cards that can be reloaded and used anywhere Mastercard is accepted), MGA (advertising and web design services), TIE (best insurance and best rates), and many others. When you need their services, these industry giants are available at a discount, through your Patriot Fleet Solutions Member Portal.

Patriot Fleet Solutions is where value meets simplicity.

Fuel Cards

Saves on avg. 15 cents/gal. Use with ProMiles for greater discounts. Spend it anywhere, for any purchases.


Popular win-win payroll card. All the tools to pay employees, no matter where they’re working.

Gold Tire Plan

Patriot Fleet Solutions has partnered with the Gold Program from TruckersB2B


Complete solution for ELD mandate. GPS and fleet management software at a fraction of the cost.



Get Your Red Dog ELD before the mandate

Is your fleet locked and loaded for ELD compliance?

Patriot Fleet Solutions has you covered with its elite Red Dog Logistics/ Telematics system. You’ll be fully compliant and fully integrated with an ELD and the management tools you need—at a fraction of the cost.

Take a look at our Fleet Services and see how they'll bring value and simplicity to your business!

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