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EFS Fuel Card

Powered by EFS Mastercard®

Saving Dollars, Mile by Mile

When on the road, drivers are focused on the end goal: making the deliveries and then getting back to their home base. There are many miles in between, though—and a lot of expenses. Making it a smooth ride is the best way to make every job efficient and profitable. Patriot Fleet Solutions has an excellent tool that will accomplish that, and more: our Fleet Fuel Card backed by EFS Mastercard.

Fleet managers are always looking for more effective ways to equip their drivers with the ways and means to cover expenses while on a run. Hotels, food, fuel, and other unexpected purchases are a given. How to pay for them is not always easy; using the EFS MasterCard is.

Fuel Discounts Wherever You Need to Go

Patriot Fleet Solutions decided that the EFS Mastercard was the best bet. Since fuel is the life blood of your fleet and your biggest expense, having a card that will also save you 15¢ per gallon is a superior way to save on your premiums. The EFS Mastercard is accepted everywhere Mastercard is welcomed, which means your drivers can fuel up at more places and be able to keep to their schedules.

Patriot Members save avg. 15 cents/gal
at over 2,500 truckstops, all major brands.

And the best part? You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to what purchases your drivers can make. You can limit the card to fuel only, fuel and maintenance, or open it to any necessary purchase. Your drivers will thank you for making their lives easier, and you will appreciate seeing the savings add up each month.

You Control How Your EFS Mastercard is Used

  • Establish transaction and spend limits
  • Control purchasing to time of day and days of week
  • Receive real-time purchasing alerts through email or phone call
  • Review summarized reporting to find exceptions

Additionally, the EFS Mastercard provides detailed reporting so you can keep an eye on expenses, as they occur. Reports include time, date, location, price, driver or vehicle ID.

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