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IFTA, Telematics, ELD, and AOBRD

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Lane-Changing Benefits

On the road, getting to the destination while saving time and fuel is the ultimate  goal of every owner/operator and fleet manager. That’s why Patriot Fleet Solutions has partnered with Red Dog Logistics to bring you the perfect tool to save you time and money by providing an actual view into your vehicle’s activity.

Get Your ELD Before the December 18th Deadline!

Patriot Fleet Solutions is working with Red Dog Logistics to offers its members a new ELD unit that includes IFTA, telematics, ELD, and AOBRD for $200.

Bottom line? The ELD unit from Red Dog Logistics combined with the Patriot Fleet Solutions fuel card offers members the best bet for super savings while on the road.

Red Dog Logistics’ GPS tracking systems for fleet-based companies uses software-as-a-service (SaaS). Along with its mobile app, this service gives Patriot Fleet Solutions members the information they need to successfully move a load from the warehouse to its destination, including:

  • Alerts
  • Real-time Data
  • Wide Range of Customized Reports

Available to Executive Circle members for only $13.00/month—with no contract!

Red Dog’s Devices Are Simple to Use, Informative, and Effective

Patriot Fleet Solutions members who use the Fleet Management (GPS Tracking) system from Red Dog Logistics will have the following information at their fingertips:

  • ELOGS and DVIR
  • Detailed Engine Monitoring
  • Monitoring of Driver Behavior
  • Idle Time Views
  • Access to IFTA Data to Make IFTA Filing Easy
  • Trend Calculations

Up-to-date Report Cards on Your Vehicles

Imagine being able to see in real-time your truck’s health. With one of the Red Dog Logistics’ devices, that is no longer a far-fetched wish. Referring to various reports, fleet managers will be able to obtain vital data about:

  • Engine Hours
  • Coolant Temperatures
  • Engine RPM
  • Odometer Readings
  • Battery Voltage
  • Fuel Burn

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